VT Cica Spot Patch
The set contains 3 bags, each bag contains 12pcs acne spot patch.This acne patch is water-proof invisible to attach to your face. You can wear foundation after the patchContains fast-acting ingredients which will sooth the acne and relieve the skin...
VT Progloss Gold Capsule Mask
VT PROGLOSS Gold Capsule Mask 2.645 Fl Oz x 10ea Special wash-off mask which has nourishing & soothing effect to rough skin. A Gold and honey extract, has a creamy texture that removes facial residue effectively. The soft and thick...
VT Progloss Mask Gold Honey-Benone
A fiber sheet mask with a skin refreshing benefit. Red / Green Propolis Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, and Marine Collagen An Intensive moisturizing and hydrating sheet mask with royal jelly and honey extract. GOLD HONEY-BENONE increase radiance on skin surface...
from $5.50
VT Cica Solution Mask
Refresh your skin with one mask sheet!Tencel Gauze Fabric Sheet: Prefect for Sensitive Skin + All types of Skin.High quality & high density mask keep your skin moisturized.4-OUT CICA Emulsion Gentle Skin Calming careCICA Emulsion that formulated with exclusive ingredients...
from $4.50
VT Cica Nutrition Mask
Soothing nutrient mask enriched with VT's exclusively trademarked Cica ingredients and amino acid complex to deeply nourish rough and sensitive skin, reviving glossy and shiny skin.The thin pure-seal sheet has excellent adherence to delivers the active ingredients and nutrition to...
from $5.00
VT Cica Moisture Mask
An intensive moisture system built in a mask to soothe and hydrate the skin with exclusively trademarked ingredients Cicaliao and Cicahyalon. Centella Asiatica Extract, Centella 4x complex, Green Propolis, and Triple Hyaluronic Acid makes dull, dry skin look bright and...
from $5.00
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