Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Stick
Best matte lip tint Dry perfectly, as soon as it touches your lips Smooth as if you've erased the creases in your lips Smooth and light texture with high pigmentation
Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Tint
Creates soft and smooth flower petal lips that stay on without sitting on top of your lips. Doesn't feel slippery and lingering on your lips. A flower petal like gradient color that dyes your lips like watercolors Even extremely dry...
Peripera Ink Black Cara
Strong Curve Fix System TechnologyOur mascara holds those beautiful and strong curls all day long by sealing the coat with a powerful layer of gel.    Zero Smudge, Smear or ClumpOur long-wearing, waterproof formula won’t smudge or smear throughout the day....
Peripera Ink Brow Tattoo Gel
Peripera Ink Brow Tattoo Gel is a great way to temporarily leave your best eyebrows on for more than just a few hours and is waterproof, so it stays on when you go swimming at the beach or pool, from...
Peripera Ink Fitting Color Palette - 04 Get Peach With Me
YOUR NEW FAVORITE EYE SHADOW PALETTEAn adorable color palette with 10 shades of eye shadows & cheek colors for daily to special make-up. How to useApply onto eyelids using a finger or brush.
Peripera Ink Gelato Lip Tint
Water-Based Tint Refreshing light texture with weightless comfort No transfer No flaking or feathering
Peripera Ink Lacquer Lip Tint
Clear and strikingly vivid Ink colors Perfect fix of original colors! Ink-lasting Undetectable and lightweight. Soothing texture
Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint
Best matte lip tint Dry perfectly, as soon as it touches your lips Smooth as if you've erased the creases in your lips Smooth and light texture with high pigmentation
Peripera Ink Pocket Shadow Palette 4 Colors - 06 Welcome Woody Home
IDEAL FORFor those looking for an eye palette that's great for beginnersFor those who want a palette with a versatile color combination that are perfect for every mood or occasionSHADE#06 Welcoming Woody Home - Earthy brown tones for a timeless...
Peripera Ink Tint Serum
A water-enriched tint serum that provides a moisturizing and shine effect. Non-sticky moisturizing moisture serum Ink class coloration without needing reapplications Long-lasting bright clear coating shine
Peripera Ink V Shading
Those looking for a do-it-all, multi-colored shading kitThose who want to contour their face All skin types Shade:[01 Almond Brown] For that "no makeup" makeup look [02 Cacao Brown] For a more defined, slightly darker shading effect [03 Hazel Grey]...
Peripera Ink Velvet Tint
A creamy-textured velvet tint that provides high-pigmented colors with ink-lasting effect First color True to color Cushiony, soft whipped cream wrapping Strong Long-lasting
Peripera Kitten 3-Step Nose Clear Sheet
Easy blackhead care kit in three steps with Peripera 3-step Nose Clear Sheet Easy blackhead removal?? Open, clean, and close up pores HOW TO USEApply step 1 pack onto nose or 15 minutes and remove. After removing, place step 2...
from $3.50
Peripera Speedy Skinny Brow
Easy to use for everyone, 1.5 mm super-slim pencil mimics natural brows by filling in between each hair.A blendable hard formula for a consistent clump-free result.No need for a touch up! Long-lasting brows that look fresh from morning till night....
Peripera Sugar Jelly Color Palette (ASMR Collection)
Limited Edition peripera ASMR Collection. Shining, shimmering glitters and dreamy colors that provide the shiniest, smoothest makeup look. Only the most useful color combinationFinish eye makeup with one palette! Daily eye shadow that wanted keep touchingJust rub it on your fingertips and finish! Only...
Peripera Sugar Jelly Tint
Moist, firm jelly texture Lasting color stains Simple daily tint
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