d'Alba All-in-one for Men Multi Active Moisturizer
A multi-tasking moisturizer for men. The readily absorbing formula gives your skin feeling refresh and hydration. Formulated with White Truffle and 42% Centella Asiatica Extract to create healthy skin. It helps refine skin texture, control sebum secretion while providing soothing...
d'Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Anti Wrinkle Cream
d'Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Anti-Wrinkle Cream is an advanced wrinkle-care product that brightens, nourishes and plumps skin to tighten sagging areas. Famous ingredients such as White Truffle extract, Avocado and Grape Seed oils, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Ceramides and Peptides...
d'Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Eco Moisturizing Cream
d'Alba Ampoule Balm White truffle Eco Moisturizing Cream returns a vibrant dewy condition to dry skin. Formulated with 40% Lotus extract, the cream delivers a powerful hydration and leave skin thoroughly moisturized inside and out. Ceramides and Amino Acid Complex...
d'Alba Ampoule Balm White Truffle Whitening Cream
A moisturizing cream with brightening and wrinkle improving effects.This white truffle enriched cream vitalize the skin from deep inside,white the diamond powder and milk protein extract completes a glowing radiant skin.Plus, this cream also protects the skin from external stimuli.Recommended...
d'Alba Blanc de Runway All Day Serum Make-Up Fixer
-It can be used simultaneously with makeup fixation and moisture mist. -Delicate spraying without smearing and bunching -High nutrition moisture shieldHow to useShake the mist gently three to four times. Spritz four to five times from 30cm away after make-up....
d'Alba Daily Mild Clean & Peeling Pad
These hypoallergenic pads containing BHA and PHA to tidy up dead skin cells and impurities.Highly nutritious white truffle improves for a trouble-free skin. It is also enriched with 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid, extracts of Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree...
d'Alba Fantastic Waterfull Spray Mask
Instead of the universally flattering mask sheet or wash-off mask, d'Alba introduced an innovative facial mask which is in spray type. Easy-to-use and comfortable to wear. The content glides and adheres well to skin upon apply. Featuring HA Complex, hyaluronic...
d'Alba Peptide No Sebum Balancing Toner
d 'Alba Peptide No-Sebum Balancing Toner moisturizes and cleanses away the unnecessary residue left after cleansing Formulated with White Truffle extract, Pearl extract and BHA, the toner charges your skin with antioxidants, gently exfoliates, stimulates cell renewal and controls sebum...
d'Alba Peptide No Sebum Balancing Toner (Special Edition)
d 'Alba Peptide No-Sebum Balancing Toner moisturizes and cleanses away the unnecessary residue left after cleansing Formulated with White Truffle extract, Pearl extract and BHA, the toner charges your skin with antioxidants, gently exfoliates, stimulates cell renewal and controls sebum...
d'Alba Peptide No Sebum Mild Gel Cleanser
It deeply cleanses pores and provides brightening and anti-aging benefits. Like the other two products from this line, the cleanser tackles the problems of excess sebum secretion and aging. AHA and BHA allow a deep thorough cleansing process and normalization...
d'Alba Peptide No Sebum Repair Cream
d 'Alba Peptide No-Sebum Repair Cream restores damages skin and takes sebum secretion under control. Formulated with White Truffle, Peptides, BHA and Calamine Powder, the cream stimulates the renewal of skin cells and collagen formation, gently exfoliates, combats excessive sebum...
d'Alba Pure Vitamin C 37% Premium Capsule
Highly concentrated ‘Pure Vitamin C 100%’ Premium CapsuleHow to use After washing your face, use toner to cleanse your skin. With one capsule open, shake the d'Alba mist serum sufficiently and spray it about 10 times to mix well with...
d'Alba Repairing Hair Perfume Serum R02 (Rose Freesia)
For Damaged, Dry HairGlossy elastic angel hair that is managed with easy serumFrom nutritional care to styling at the same time.It provides intensive nutrition care that protein nutrients give to damaged and flabby hair.The sweet and fresh fruity scent, rose,...
d'Alba Repairing Protein Serum Treatment R01
For Damaged, Dry HairLeave-in spray hair treatment enriched with white truffle extract and protein improves strength, shine, and softness.How to use1. After shampooing, lightly dry with towel, spray an appropriate amount evenly over hair, then dry with a hairdryer or...
d'Alba UV Essence Waterfull+ Mild Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA++++
A vegan, mild cream suitable for sensitive skin. The main ingredient, white truffle, is a nutrient-rich substance extracted from Piedmont, Italy. White truffle contributes to skin vitality and texture enhancement as well as mineral supply The addition of centella asiatica...
d'Alba UV Essence Waterfull+ Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA++++
100% vegan and certified by Authorizing Institue, this cream guarantees gentle but complete blockage It contains amounts of white truffle and tocopherol, two prized ingredients that we have carefully extracted from Italy. Our white truffle allows for tight and younger...
d'Alba White Truffle 92 Advanced Ampoule
High-concentration ampoules, which contain a high content of premium Italian white truffle, provide rich moisture and nutrition to the skin, focusing on elastic, glossy, and vital skin.How to useAfter using toner in the morning and evening, use a dropper to...
d'Alba White Truffle Double Layer Revitalizing Serum
Dermatologically tested. A skin-reviving serum helps improve skin elasticity while nourishing skin. Featuring 10,000ppm White Truffle Extract to combat premature aging signs such as fine lines and dull skin. With 3:7 plant-based oil and serum, it leaves your skin protected...
d'Alba White Truffle First Intensive Serum Season 2
Brightening + Wrinkle Care Skin Condition Up ! Real Elastic Recipe a remarkable change in spray habits Moisturizing elastic luster [ Feature ] Toner+ Serum+ Essence+ Mist All-in-one serum that is easily sprayed into one. 1. Fast Absorption After washing...
d'Alba White Truffle First Spray Serum
BENEFITS All skin types / Anti-Aging, Deep Moisturizing, Skin Energy Activating 3 Second-Moisturizing After the cleansing, the sudden loss of skin oil and moisture is prevented in 3 seconds to relieve dehydration and maintain skin balance. Deep Moisturizing By using...
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d'Alba White Truffle Intensive Ampoule
This multi-purpose ampoule packed with luxurious ingredients such as Italian White Truffle Extract and Caviar to provide intense nourishment and hydration. Lightweight and comfortable to wear thanks to its quick-absorbing formula. Rich minerals in White Truffle Extract helps revive fatigued...
d'Alba White Truffle Intensive Nourishing Cream
WHITE TRUFFLE from Italy piedmont d’albaWhen white truffle is infused into skin care productsit is good for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging purposes.This ingredient contains a special enzyme called “Superoxide Dismutase”Which helps in repairing damaged skin While at the same time preventing...
d'Alba White truffle Multi Treatment Eye Cream
This gentle, anti-aging eye cream packed with Italian White Truffle Extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rich mineral and nutrients found in White Truffle Extract help improve skin elasticity. Infusing Peptide Complex to reinforce skin moisture...
d'Alba White Truffle Nourishing Treatment Mask
The cellulose-based eco-friendly sheet is similar in essence to skin protein, making it effective for distributing active ingredients with the comfortable application. Five-type hyaluronic acids form moisturizing films to lock-in moisture without drying. Free of 20 harmful ingredients (parabens, PEG,...
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