DRESKIN Silk Pact Balm Celebrity Portrait Cushion SPF 50+ / PA+++ (All-in-one: Foundation, Eye Corrector, Fixing Balm)
All day bright skin with one layer fitting coverAll day skin condition by sebum, face oil controlThree Point1. Matte Smoothly Foundation SPF 50+ / PA+++- Prevent dryness skin inside with soft skin outside expression- Lightly adhering to increase persistence and...
$38.00 $32.30
DRESKIN Chiffon Pact Balm Foundation + Illumination Balm + Concealer
Whitening / Improving Wrinkles / Sunblock(SPF50+/PA+++) Triple Functional Cosmetic ProductA watery chiffon texture that does not get mat or takes even though time goes by- Producing moist skin for a long time with a watery protective film as well as...
$38.00 $32.30
DRESKIN Eye Lighter Twinkle Glitter
Ta-da~ A luminous aura glimmering on the lids!Various sized glitters glim like brilliant vanity lighting Luminous flash on your eyesZERO irritation on fragile eyes with water-based formula!Reflecting light with a multi-dimensional effect
$14.00 $11.90
DRESKIN Lip Slevee Vitality OLED Color Airy Water Type Lip Tint - Waterproof
Daily Lip item without failure!Realmatt Bonding AdhesionAs soon as you reach your lips with bonding adhesion, it gets matte smooth finish on your lip.Stays for long on your lip as bonding adhesion! Upon contact with lip, stick wears soft!Power long...
$15.00 $12.75
DRESKIN Satin Shadow & Fixer Liquid Pearl Shadow + Eye Primer & Fixer
It’s a smart 2in1 product comprised of the eye shadow with an elegant sense of pearl and the eye fixer increasing adhesion. Like a satin clutch making a gorgeous dress stand out, a shadow that an exclusive and elegant sense...
$17.00 $14.45
DRESKIN Satin Tint+Moisture & Plumping Lip Balm
Like a silk slip embraced all along your curves.Satin makeup edition with gliding formula and natural subtle color.Sweet Satin TouchSatin-soft formula glides onto lips as soon as touched.Transforming formula that swiftly stains the lips 2 in 1 Smart Product2in1 tint...
$17.00 $14.45
DRESKIN Twosome Faker Mix-match duo of Shading + Blush
Fitting into a pouch~! Perfect beauty at any time at any place! A mix-match item of shading + blusherA color mix match as you wish!- Creating  your own unique makeup at any place by blending blusher and shading, 4 types...
$26.00 $22.10
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